Thursday, 26 July 2012


Harry Potter's wand was 11 inches long, made of holly and had a phoenix feather core

The wand of Ronald Weasley was 14" willow with a core of unicorn hair.

The wand of Hermione Granger was 10¾" vine wood, with a dragon heartstring core.

The wand of Ginny Weasley is of unknown length and wood materials with a Dragon heartstring

The second wand of Luna Lovegood is made of unknown wood and core. Its length is unknown also.

The wand of Neville Longbottom is 13" cherry wood, with a unicorn hair core.

The wand of George Weasley is of unknown length, wood and core. This wand looks somewhat like a broomstick.

Fred Weasley's wand is of unknown length, wood and core, and looks like a stick with a pine cone at the end

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