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Quotes by and about Neville Longbottom

Quotes by and about Neville Longbottom

I'll join you when hell freezes over


I'm worth twelve of you, Malfoy,'

'I won't let you do it, I'll – I'll fight you!'

'Right, Neville,' said Professor Lupin. 'first things first: what would you say is the thing that frightens you most in the world?'

'Professor Snape.'  

'There's one – the Cruciatus curse,' said Neville, in a small but distinct voice.

'His father, Frank, was an Auror just like Professor Moody. He and his wife were tortured for information about Voldemort's whereabouts after he lost his powers, as you heard.'  

'I'm nobody,' 

'Expelliarmus!' said Neville, and Harry, caught unawares, felt his wand fly out of his hand.
'I DID IT!' said Neville gleefully. 'I've never done it before – I DID IT!'

But Neville said quietly, 'Thanks, Mum.'

You were right, never better. I feel like I can spit fire.  

You were right, never better. I feel like I can spit fire. 

Fourteen years ago, a Death Eater named Bellatrix Lestrange used the Crutiatus Curse on my parents. She tortured them for information, but they never gave in. I'm quite proud to be their son. But I'm not sure I'm ready for everyone to know just yet.  

Friday, 9 November 2012

Quotes by and about Ginny Weasley

Quotes by and about Ginny Weasley

"Yeah, the D.A.'s good," said Ginny. "Only let's make it stand for Dumbledore's Army because that's the Ministry's worst fear, isn't it?"

 "Well, that was a bit stupid of you," said Ginny angrily, "seeing as you don't know anyone but me who's been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels."

"Lucky you,"

Ginny to Harry and Ron: "I'm three years older than you were when you fought You-Know-Who over the Philosopher's Stone, and it's because of me Malfoy's stuck back in Umbridge's office with giant flying bogeys attacking him

Three dementor attacks in a week, and all Romilda Vane does is ask me if it's true you've got a hippogriff tatooed across your chest.Harry Potter: What did you tell her?Ginny Weasley: I told her it's a Hungarian Horntail. Much more macho.Harry Potter: Thanks, and what did you tell her Ron's got?Ginny Weasley: A Pygmy Puff, but I didn't say where.

Shut It!

He's covered in blood again. Why is it he's always covered in blood?

"The thing about growing up with Fred and George," said Ginny thoughtfully, "is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough 

It's for some stupid noble reason isn't it?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Quotes by and about Luna Lovegood

Quotes by and about Luna Lovegood 

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

 You're just as sane as I am

It's good, isn't it? I wanted to have it chewing up a serpent to represent Slytherin, you know, but there wasn't time. Anyway...good luck, Ronald!

 "It's often infested with nargles.

Nobody's ever asked me to a party before, as a friend! Is that why you dyed your eyebrow, for the party? Should I do mine, too?

 A Wrackspurt - they're invisible, they float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy," she said. "I thought I felt one zooming around in here.

Daddy, look—one of the gnomes actually bit me!” 

The Crumple-Horned Snorkack can't fly,

"Oh no," said Luna. "No, I think I'll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up.... It always does in the end.

 Surely nobody in their right mind would have let Luna Lovegood commentate?

People expect you to have cooler friends than us," said Luna, once again displaying her knack for embarrassing honesty

Yes, he's a vampire." - on Rufus Scrimgeour

Well, there's her lost diadem. I told you about it, remember Harry? The lost diadem of Ravenclaw? Daddy's trying to duplicate it."

We fly of course 

My mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end

Exceptionally ordinary

Muggles think these keep evil away, but they're wrong 

i've interrupted a deep thought haven't I? I see it growing smaller in your eyes

People avoid them because they're a bit... different

 Harry Potter! you listen to me right now!

I hope there's pudding

Quotes by and about Hermione Granger

Quotes by and about Hermione Granger

Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have.

Just because it's taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn't mean no one else has spotted I'm a girl!" 

"Twitchy little ferret, aren't you, Malfoy?"

 "Malfoy's got detention! I could sing."

Are you sure that's a real spell? 

You're saying it wrong," Harry heard Hermione snap. "It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, and make the 'gar' nice and long.

Books! And cleverness! There are more important things -- friendship and bravery.

That's what Hermione does. When in doubt, go to the library.

"You're the cleverest witch of your age I've ever met, Hermione."

Not spew," said Hermione impatiently, "It's S-P-E-W. Stands for the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.

Aren't you ever going to read Hogwarts, A History

That's the trouble with Quidditch, it creates all this bad feeling and tension between the Houses."  

And now we wait.

You know, the Egyptians used to worship cats.

 Grawp's about sixteen feet tall, enjoys ripping up twenty-foot pine trees, and knows me," she snorted, "as Hermy."

"Ron," said Hermione in a dignified voice, "you are the most insensitive wart I have ever had the misfortune to meet."

"The fates have informed me that your examination in June will concern the Orb, and I am anxious to give you sufficient practice. 
Hermione snorted. "Well honestly... 'the fates have informed her'... Who sets the exam? She does!"

 "At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in. They got in on pure talent."

You filthy little loathsome cockroach 

That felt good

its fun isnt it? breaking the rules.

I think I'd better do the actual stealing

Oh, no!" - when the school exams were cancelled!

I can't, Harry. I've still got four hundred and twenty-two pages to read!" said Hermione, now sounding slightly hysterical.

He's not even good-looking! They only like him because he's famous! They wouldn't look twice at him if he couldn't do that Wonky Faint thing."

And that complete cow Pansy Parkinson. How she got to be a prefect when she's thicker than a concussed troll ..."


Quotes by and about Ron weasley

 Quotes by and about Ron weasley

 How thick could you get?

Bloody hell

Why spiders? Why couldn't it be "Follow the butterflies"? 

Are you mental? 

Not good, brilliant! 

Always the tone of surprise

"His life's ambition is to have his head cut off and stuck up on a plaque just like his mother," said Ron irritably. "Is that normal, Hermione?"

"Yeah, I've seen those things they think are gnomes," said Ron, bent double with his head in a peony bush, "like fat little Santa Clauses with fishing rods."

"I want to fix that in my memory forever,Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret ..."

“Accio Brain!” 

“I'll fix it up with Mum and Dad, then I'll call you. I know how to use a fellytone now-"

“One person couldn't feel all that, they'd explode!" 

"Sunshine daisies butter mellow. Turn this stupid fat rat yellow."

“Doctors?" said Ron, looking startled. "Those Muggle nutters that cut people up?” 

“S-spiders! Spiders want me to tap-dance... I don't want to tap-dance.” 

“I hate being poor.”

"Can I have a look at Uranus, too, Lavender?"

"Tomorrow," said Ron in a muffled voice, "I'd rather you set the alarm clock."

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then and now

                                                       Cast of Harry Potter Then and Now
Harry Potter                                                                                  


Ron Weasley                                                                            

Hermione Granger


Ginny Weasley

 Neville Longbottom

Luna Lovegood

 Fred and George  Weasley