Friday, 17 August 2012

List of Spells

A complete list of spells can be seen here

But a few of my personal favorites are


Seth CooperAdded by Seth Cooper

Pronunciation: AVI-forz
Description: Turns inanimate objects into birds.
Seen/mentioned: The Harry Potter video games.
Etymology: From Latin avis meaning "bird" and fors meaning "luck".

Fiery offensive spell

Mcgonagall duelling Snape with this spell.
Faridzul90Added by Faridzul90

Pronunciation: Unknown
Description: Possibly a form of Incendio. It presumably scorches the opponent, and the flames seem to have a shape.
Seen/Mentioned: Minerva McGonagall used this spell to duel Snape in the Great Hall in 1998.


Dumbledore conjures a Firestorm to ward off the Inferi.
You-Know-WhoAdded by You-Know-Who

Description: A spell that conjures a ring of fire. The caster is able to control the movement and direction of the flames with enough precision to strike specific targets. The spellPartis Temporus can create a gap in the flames to allow safe passage through.
Seen/Mentioned: In 1997Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potterentered a seaside cave in an attempt to locate one of Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes. When the Inferi guarding the Horcrux attacked, Dumbledore conjured a firestorm to drive them back, saving Harry's life in the process.

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