Friday, 1 June 2012

Quiz Corner

Quiz Corner

       Answer A, B, C or D

1: How do people know you?

A: Imagination
B: Smartnes
C: Bravery
D: Sneakyness

2 : What do you do in your spare time?

A: Draw cartoons
B: Write a story 
C: play sport
D: Make a plan for a joke 

3: What is your favourite sport?

A:  netball
B: swimming
C: Running
D: Tackel rugby

4: Whats your favourite subject at school?

A: Writing
B: All
C: P.E.
D: History

5: What are you like at school?

A: Nice
C: competertive
D: Naughty

       A                   B                C               D
  Hufflepuff    Ravenclaw   Gryfindor   Sltherin

What house are you in?


  1. I'm the huff and the puff of hufflepuff

  2. Beat this huff and the puff of hufflepuff I'm the le of hufflepuff

  3. Beat this huff and the puff of hufflepuff and the le of hufflepuff I'm the rave and the en and the claw of ravenclaw